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SWISS® is an open data format that turns static engineering documents and industry standards into curated collections of intelligent, linkable data, resulting in better design, manufacturing, products, and engineering.  Spectacle® enables users to view dynamic, interconnected content in the SWISS® format. Login to SWISS Here 

Price Point enables users to evaluate proposed prices for procurements and contract actions with ease, efficiency and accuracy, while simultaneously reducing the organization’s administrative costs and lead times. Login to PricePoint Here

Warwick® is an easy-to-use, web based tool that provides e-Commerce catalog vendors with accurate, actionable data on sales, competition, and price in the public procurement market. Warwick® empowers suppliers with the information they need to make strategic decisions and best position themselves to succeed in this rapidly changing market. Login to Warwick® Here

Pin Point is an advanced parts management research tool that provides comprehensive technical, management and reference data about NSNs and commercial parts on Government contract. Pin Point enables sophisticated search using physical and logistics attributes across millions of parts from thousands of Government and commercial sources. Pin Point is CAC enables and freely available to Government users. Login to Pin Point Here

At each point in the life cycle – whether development, production, readiness, or sustainment – the weapon system program manager must be concerned about the impact of standards on the system and must have access to the data and information needed to assess the impact of changes to these standards of a given weapon system or program.

The Weapons Systems Impact Tool (WSIT) enables Government program managers to research the relationships between parts, weapon systems and specifications and standards. WSIT is CAC enabled and freely available to Government users. Login to WSIT Here