Why XSB?

Why XSB?

We provide software and services for component product search, selection, management and design. Our patented parts data management and semantic web-based solutions address the standardization problems and data inconsistencies commonly associated with integrating and managing large engineering product databases.

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Product Data Focus:

The world is inundated with data, every minute of every day businesses are generating petabytes of it; but the reality is that few organizations fully understand the complex challenges associated with effectively managing such large data sets or the tremendous benefit in doing so.

What sets XSB apart is that we are narrowly focused on component part data management.  We reduce lead time and costs for our customers by delivering a standardized view of product specific data to whomever (both humans and machines) in the supply chain needs it, whenever and wherever it is needed and in the right format to answer their business question.

Proprietary, Web Scale Technology:

Our unique capabilities are based in our patented Acquire, Classify, Transform (ACT) framework.  This web scale approach to parts data management combines the power of our Focused Crawler automated data acquisition technology with the precision of our ontology based data transformation solutions.  This framework has enabled us to collect and standardize data across thousands of widely varying sources and tens of millions of individual parts.

XSB has used the ACT framework to support various applications which serve needs of many XSB customers across the A&D and Public Procurement Market.   Most notable among these are:

  • Price Point – a web based pricing decision support tool that precisely and rapidly analyzes price risk for procurements and contract awards. Price Point draws on a knowledge base  of 100M parts and is capable of standardizing data to compare identical items and their prices across many different suppliers.
  • Warwick – provides fast web-based access to accurate, actionable data on sales, competition, and price in the public procurement market. Warwick® empowers suppliers with all of the information needed to develop and execute a successful government sales strategy.
  • Pin Point – a system for searching and retrieving rich product attribute information on tens of millions of NSNs and commerical parts in the DoD supply chain.
  • WSIT (Weapon System Impact Tool) – a system for determining how changes in specifications impact weapon systems and the parts used in them.

Our People and Our Partners:

XSB’s core technology as well as the various customer facing applications built on top of it are supported by a highly talented team of software developers, computer scientists, and knowledge engineers.  The XSB team has expertise in the best approaches for data acquisition, standardization and enrichment using AI and semantic web technologies.  Along with our business partners, we offer a nationally unique blend of business and technology experience – combining leading edge technical know-how with a focused understanding of our customer’s business challenges.

Our Foundations:

All of our solutions have deep roots in the foundations of computer science; this is essential for developing workable semantic based software solutions and data models.    XSB Prolog is an open source logic programming and deductive database system that was originally developed at the Computer Science Department of Stony Brook University by Dr. David S. Warren, XSB’s Vice President of Sciences.  The XSB system is a highly optimized, re-engineered extension of Prolog that blends intelligent database technology and advanced logic programming.   XSB, Inc. has developed many applications and extensions to the XSB system, some of which are proprietary, and some of which have been contributed to the open-source community.

Our Vision for the Future:

XSB is at the forefront of research even as we release vital software for today's business users.  We continue to lead the market in developing semantic technologies to provide our customers with improved access to the data they need to address their business challenges.   We are presently leading an industry and government coalition that is working to develop a semantic framework for describing and integrating specifications and standards into an interoperable digital model.  SWISS will revolutionize the way in which information from specifications and standards is accessed and utilized both humans and computers across the entire supply web.

We invite you to explore our site and learn more about what we do and how we can help your business.