Supply Chain Manager

On-going manual information retrieval process is expensive, at times inaccurate, and requires an extensive utilization of the organization's resources. For supply chain managers or logistics professionals, XSB has created a shipment tracking solution using automated web agents to track all shipments and autonomously aggregate results into a master status report.

XSB’s XRover® Web agent technology can be used daily to track and retrieve the status of all shipments en route to their final destination. Tracking results are aggregated and published in an MS Access Master Status Report. Using this system, you can now autonomously retrieve up-to-the-minute status reports of any and/or all shipments in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost that manual tracking requires.

The Benefits:

  • Eliminating the manual labor needed to aggregate data saves man-years of effort and enables using man-power resources in other functional areas of your operations.
  • The agent based solution is highly scalable. As the number of monthly shipments increases, there is no need to allocate extra resources to track additional shipments – the agent based system will scale to meet the customer's increased volume.
  • Automating the information retrieval and aggregation process eliminates manual errors such as duplicate records and number transpositions, thus improving the accuracy of the Master Status Tracking Report.

Automated supply chain management tools enable businesses to manage the supply chain at optimal efficiency, to reduce friction when there is a breakdown in the supply chain and locate the least-cost alternate sources that satisfy requirements for needed parts and supplies.

XSB’s WEAVE® is an automated Web based supply chain optimization tool that aggregates multiple on-line Web catalogs with a company’s own stock room inventory to produce an integrated virtual view of the supply chain. WEAVE® provides a Web based interactive search tool enabling users to locate and compare items across the data landscape so that similar items can be quickly identified and pricing from various suppliers can be easily referenced.