MRO Specialists & Procurement/ Contract Officers

Inefficient spend across multiple manufacturing plants dramatically increases the cost of procuring Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) items. When manufacturers maintain multiple plants, each with their own unique item master database, maintenance Items can be described differently in each of plant and are often assigned different stock number in each plant’s database.

Similarly, key strategic suppliers may describe equivalent items in different ways. The inconsistencies can cause a loss of visibility into cross-plant stock room inventory analysis and may cause customers to purchase the same part from different vendors in inefficient lot sizes. The challenge is to develop a “Coherent View” across all stock rooms as well as the supply chain to enable specification based identification of items and their equivalents.

To help the MRO Specialist, XSB’s automated data management solutions generate a Master Data File consisting of:

  • Standardized manufacturer and catalog vendor names and part numbers;
  • Product descriptions categorized to a proprietary taxonomy;
  • Extracted and standardized product technical attributes.

Subsequently, intelligent agents continuously mine the Web catalogs of strategic vendors automatically updating the master data file with new products. The XSB WEAVE® Supply Chain Optimization solution enables procurement specialists to search for and compare products based on their attributes.

The Benefits:

  • A standardized and structured view across the supply chain and stock room simplifies product selection/substitution and price comparison.
  • Duplications in inventory can quickly be identified and incidents of overstocking reduced.
  • Specification based spend analysis reduces total costs.