Government Supplier

Government buyers shop for, and order, a large variety of finished goods from multiple supply centers and commercial vendor catalogs.

A large part of government procurement is done by National Stock Numbers (NSNs). The XSB Warwick Market Analysis tool can be used to standardize and match product manufacturer's names and part numbers in a range of varying catalogs and other online vendor sources. This produces an item-by-item spend analysis and total spend summary for government purchases of NSNs that match items from these sources. This report quantifies the potential market for goods and services and indentifies buying and spending trends in the government marketplace.

The Benefits:

  • By matching vendor catalogs to approved NSNs that the government buys, XSB can help to quantify the potential market for the goods and services for sale and tailor product offerings to increase their presence in high demand areas.
  • The matching process identifies data quality issues in catalogs such as items that are missing or invalid part numbers or manufacturer names.
  • The process also helps to validate pricing strategies and help pinpoint products that are outperforming the competition as well as those that have lack-luster sales.