Public Procurement

The United States Government has one of the largest and most diverse supply chains.  Their primary challenge is that the sheer volume of product data in the supply chain, coupled with uneven data quality, makes it difficult to ensure that information is being accurately and consistently communicated to their internal users.  The data on which they traditionally have relied for mission critical business decisions like design engineering, regulatory compliance and procurement is inconsistent, incomplete, and at times unreliable. This environment makes product search and comparison significantly less effective, results in excessive spend, and makes the job of the Contract Officer in ensuring contract and price compliance difficult.

To address widespread data quality problems in public procurement, XSB developed an automated Master Data File (MDF) generation process for producing clean, structured, consistent data.   The XSB Master Data File technology is used by two of the largest buying organizations in the Federal Government.  Additionally, XSB has developed a part selection and management application for DoD called Pin Point, as well as Price Point, a tool for the rapid determination of reasonable prices for commodity components.  XSB also provides Green and hazardous material identification solutions to our Government customers.