Commodity eCommerce

Each year, the United States Government establishes long-term contracts with thousands of commercial vendors to provide government buyers with access to millions of commercial products and services at volume discount pricing.  These can be ordered directly from the approved schedule contractors, or through a variety of Government hosted web sites, such as GSA Advantage!® and  DoD EMALL.   Sales volume through just these two e-Commerce sites exceeds $1.5B annually; while total annual sales across these contracts is estimated to be in the tens of billions.

While thousands of companies hold contracts and market to Government agencies, the majority of the e-Commerce spend is spread across just about 5% of the supply base.  Many suppliers are small businesses who typically lack the dedicated resources needed to effectively monitor and quickly respond to dynamic market changes in product landscape, price and competition.

Suppliers seeking to gain a competitive advantage turn to XSB’s Warwick® Government Market Analysis tool. Warwick® provides a wide range of research and custom analytics to help suppliers understand their competition, maximize sales opportunities, expand product lines to meet demand, manage prices effectively, and respond to regulatory changes that may impact their product lines.  Warwick® provides fast web-based access to all of the information needed to help suppliers develop a successful government sales strategy.