Public Procurement Market Intelligence for Commercial Catalog Vendors

What is Warwick®?
Warwick® is a powerful web based tool for accessing accurate, actionable data on sales, segmentation, competition, and price in the public procurement market.  Whether your company is already a government supplier or is considering entering this highly competitive marketplace, Warwick® will provide you with all of the information needed to develop and execute a successful product sales strategy.

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How does Warwick® work?
Warwick® tracks every product offered for sale, as well as all sales transactions processed through GSA Advantage! and DOD EMALL, the two largest government hosted online shopping and ordering systems. Warwick® uses XSB’s patented Master Data File technology to interpret and standardize a wide variety of manufacturer names, brands, part number representations, and packaging inconsistencies common to the supply chain.  This enables the system to overcome data quality issues that complicate item comparison and evaluation.  This standardization also ensures that suppliers are provided with the most accurate and comprehensive sales and pricing data available.  Through Warwick® users can access a wealth of market research and custom analytics designed to help them identify and track competitors, maximize sales opportunities, expand product lines, and manage prices effectively.

Warwick’s suite of custom reports includes:

• Sales and performance reports that quantify the addressable market
• Customized price evaluation and optimization reports
• National stock number cross referencing
• Green product identification
• Top selling items by product category
• Identification of competitor products and pricing by contract

What are the Benefits?
Government suppliers across many industry verticals have gained valuable insights through Warwick®, helping them to:
• Improve productivity
• Identify new sales opportunities
• Maximize profitability
• Track competitor performance
• Better understand the government market and successfully compete for sales

Are You Reaching YOUR Potential?
Let us show you how you can increase your sales and profitability in the Government market!

How can I learn more?
For additional information about XSB Warwick please contact us or call 631-371-8100.