Pin Point & SMART

Parts Management Resource Tool

DLA engineers spend a significant amount of time engaged in parts research.  XSB’s Pin Point tool provides users with access to the rich, structured, timely data on government approved component parts across the supply web that is critical in their daily work. 

What is Pin Point?
MIL-STD-3018 laid the groundwork for the development of a common parts library between the government and its major equipment manufacturers.  The standard encourages engineers to select component parts that the government has already approved and to which it has assigned National Stock Numbers (NSNs) or select parts that are readily available from the existing defense supply chain. Selecting these ‘preferred parts’ would help the government avoid the proliferation of functionally similar parts and would also help to discourage the use of ‘boutique’ components that had little use beyond a single weapon system. 

The major obstacle was that there was no single source where government and supplier data was aggregated and standardized in a way that would enable a user to search and compare component characteristics across all data sources.  Pin Point addresses this issue by enhancing part data from FLIS,  a DLA system that catalogs parts for the Department of Defense (DoD), with technical, management and reference data about NSNs and commercial parts on government contract aggregated from multiple sources. 

In 2012, XSB enhanced Pin Point through the integration of SMART, the Strategic Materials Assessment Response Tool.  SMART was developed to enable a proactive response to a dynamic regulatory environment where changes in material regulations have a direct impact on the supply chain and the availability of parts to support DoD weapon systems.  SMART determines the presence of regulated materials in component parts by extracting information about material constituents and regulatory compliance (REACH, RoHS, DoD Emerging Containments) from a variety of publicly available sources.  SMART’s built in alert component acts as an early warning system for weapons systems program offices and the industrial base advising them of the impact of these regulations.   

Who should use Pin Point?
Pin Point is a government only parts management research tool.  Pin Point has been embraced by weapons systems program managers, engineers, item managers, and catalogers across the DoD and within the services; there are more than 5,000 active users of the system.

What are the benefits of Pin Point?
Improved part search, selection, management and design decisions through access to a rich, up-to-date database of tens of millions of NSNs and commercial items in the DoD supply chain.

How can I learn more?
For additional information about XSB Pin Point please contact us or call 631-371-8100.