Products and Services

XSB standardizes and integrates internal and external product information into a coherent view for its customers.

XSB MDF reference content leverages external information such as that found in catalogs on manufacturer and distributor websites to enrich the enterprise view of part and logistics data. 

XSB SWISS incorporates deep knowledge from external Specifications and Standards documents produced by Standards Development Organizations and Government Agencies. Enterprise standards and methods are mapped to their authoritative sources; the resulting Semantic Web of concepts guides the configuration and management of materials and processes across the enterprise.

The Value Proposition

XSB provides improved operational effectiveness for consumers and producers of product data by linking internal and external parts data and documents into an enterprise system.  This allows end users to be more efficient in their jobs without relying on multiple independent databases. XSB provides:

  • A single version of the truth that feeds all enterprise applications of parts data
  • Awareness of the impact of changes from within and outside the enterprise
  • Reduced Engineering Time to Knowledge (T2K) through improved navigation of the important concepts associated to parts and their processes and materials
  • Reduced risk through improved determination of price reasonableness, obsolescence, regulatory compliance and intellectual property leakage